Chord finger placement

  • Lets discuss how to fix or improve the chord fingerings used by Tabius.

    For example, if you see that Tabius does not know about some chord or offers an incorrect or non-optimal fingering - share how to improve it here.

    How to describe chord fingering in plain text?

    Here is the example:
    Fingering for Am chord can be written as: 'x02210'

    6 string is not played - 'x' sign
    5 string is open (clamped 0 fret)
    4 string is on 2 fret
    3 string is on 2 fret
    2 string is on 1 fret
    1 string is open

    Use this simple and compact way to describe any chord.

    A complete list of all current fingerings (as well as the full source code of Tabius) can be found here:

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